The Best Way to Select Sand Production Line


    Sand making production line as an important production line in mining machinery industry is closely related to infrastructure construction. And how to reasonably improve output of sand making production line is a problem most concerned by customers.

    Generally speaking, sand making production line is the same to ore crushing production line. The difference is the selection of equipment. Fine crushing machine of stone production line uses impact crusher because of its stone shape effect and lowest needle flake content of discharging. While sand production uses sand making equipment. The most commonly used sand making machine is vertical shaft sand maker and new type of sand maker. The new type of sand maker is improved sand maker, which is more suitable for production of sand. Sand making production line is a form of stone production line, which includes various equipment. In order to improve output of sand making production line, we should start from circuit design and equipment selection. Selecting the equipment with good performance and quality can not only improve production efficiency, but saves energy and reduce cost.