About Filtration from Filter Press


 1.The filtration effect will be various according to the slurry's condition, such as: solid performance, solid content, temperature, ph value, particle size etc.. And some slurries need add chemical powders to regulate the slurry's filtering performance, such as filtration aid, flocculant etc., so the final cake will be different.

2.At beginning of filtering, the filtered liquid will be not very clean, because the precoat is not formed. Please continue and it will be cleaner after a while.

3.Little leakage is reasonable, because of cloth capillarity/wicking. If big leakage happens, please increase some closing pressure (a little).

4.Please observe the filtered liquid, if suddenly filtrate is muddy, please close the tap. (For hidden filtrate filter press, please stop the machine.) Then check the clothes.

5.If the pressure is higher and the liquid flow is very small, the filtration is finished.

6.If the filtering time is too long or the cakes can not be formed, please try to lower the liquid content, such as: increase precipitation time; use thickener; add filtration aid and flocculant etc..

7.If cakes need washing, please close the taps on the washing plates and feeding valve, then fill in the water to wash cakes. The water pressure should not over the rated pressure. The washing time is decided by the filtering effect.

8.To realize better dewatering effect, the cakes can be blowed by compressed air and the method is same as the above. The compressed air also can be fed in via feeding hole. Or use our membrane filter press directly.