Three Point To Choose The Proper Model Of Filter Press


 Introduction of Filter Press

Filter press is an equipment that makes use of a kind of special filtering medium, put definite pressure on object for discharging liquid. It is an equipment to separate solid and liquid in the common and intermittent way.

Types of Filter Press

  • Filter press types includes :
  • chamber filter press,
  • frame and plate filter press
  • membrane filter press
  • jack filter press/ manual hydraulic filter press
  •  cast iron filter press,
  • stainless steel filter press
  • high pressure round filter press
  • Laboratory small filter press

Choosing Method of Filter Press Type

In the filter press industry, all people know how to choose the proper model of filter press for customer. There are three steps to guide us choose proper filter press as following:

1,) The filtrated materials;

2,) The capacity of feeding the materials;

3,) The content of solid to be reached