Types of Filter Press


 Filter press can be divided into many types according to different ways:

1.1. According to various plates, filter presses generally include following types: Plate Frame Filter Press, Chamber Filter Press, Membrane Filter Press and Recessed Filter Press.

1.2. Plate Frame Filter Press. The chamber is consist of plates and frames.

filter press plate and frame

Plate and Frame

 1.3. Chamber Filter Press

Chamber Plate

With the development of plate technology, pate and frame are now combing together and chamber filter press become popular, because chamber plates has the following advantages:

(1)Chamber plates can endure higher pressure.

(2)Convenient operation. Because of two-in-one design, half time of plate shifting can be saved.

(3)The feeding hole is in the center of the plate and the size is bigger, so blocking and bias pressure do not easily happen and can save a lot of filtering time.

 1.4. Membrane Filter Press.


Membrane Plate

Membrane plates are sandwich design and hollow. When feeding is finished, the membrane plate can be blowed by compressed air or clean water, so that the final cake can be additionally squeezed to get the lower moisture.

1.5. Recessed Filter Press

Recessed Filter Press

Recessed plate is use CGR design to perfectly avoid leakage, it's mainly used in some special slurry, such as: pharmaceuticals, rare metals, toxic, volatile, harmful, etc..