Some Knowledge about the Installation and Debugging of Cement Rotary Kiln

Because the cement rotary kiln is a large production equipment, must be familiar with drawings before the installation of the equipment, through the equipment drawings to master the specific parameters of rotary kiln, to understand and grasp the location of each part of the equipment, and installation position and basic line drawing.

1. In the process of installation, lifting, transportation and progress, the cost of high and low has a direct relationship, so should choose appropriate lifting, transportation tools and machines. When choosing a crane, it is necessary to find out the maximum tonnage section of hoisting height and radius of gyration, the weight of the preheat belting leather, lifting height and radius of gyration, in order to determine the crane. Other common tools such as the selection, use, storage and maintenance of wire rope, hemp rope, fixture and other tools must be in accordance with relevant regulations, in addition to the corresponding fuel, cutting and welding materials and other relevant materials, to ensure the safety and success of equipment installation.
2. The cement rotary kiln factory cycle is short, more process equipment layout in the upper, increased the aerial work, with the characteristics of the formation difficult and dangerous. Thus, for our construction personnel should possess strong, broad knowledge and adept skills and work ability in accordance with the actual situation of local conditions to carry out, at the same time also require the operator technical level enhances unceasingly.